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The PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment) tests measure the ability of the students to attain academic standards in specific learning domains. They are given annually in the spring months. This year, the PSSA's will be given to students in grades 3 through 8.

Content by grade level:

3rd Grade: Reading, Math
4th Grade: Reading, Math, Science
5th Grade: Reading, Math, Writing
6th Grade: Reading, Math
7th Grade: Reading, Math
8th Grade: Reading, Math, Writing, Science

The tests are then scored using 4 level descriptors:

Below Basic - inadequate academic performance; little understanding of content
Basic - marginal academic performance; partial understanding of content
Proficient - satisfactory academic performance; good understanding of content
Advanced - superior academic performace; in-depth understanding of content

  • Our goal is for students to reach the proficient level of the PSSA's!

Students are encouraged to get enough sleep the night before testing, eat a balanced breakfast, stay focused and DO YOUR BEST! :)