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It's how we deal with our anger that makes the difference...

It's often beneficial when we can be conscientious of our anger triggers, or what makes us angry in the first place. How does our body feel?

Everyone is different in the way they deal with anger. Here are some ideas to try and see what works best for you:
1. Take some deep breaths.
2. Count slowly to 10
3. Think about something calming.
4. Tell yourself to calm down.
5. Blow bubbles!
6. Close your eyes and breathe slowly in your nose and out your mouth.
7. Close your eyes and think of a happy place
8. Say the ABC's slowly while stretching your arms, legs, and body
9. Simply stretch
10. Pop packaged bubbles
11. Walk away and give yourself time to calm down before reacting
12. Tell someone your mad - talk to a friend, teacher, or counselor about how you're feeling
13. Draw for a few minutes (by the time you're done, you won't be mad any more!)

Miss Rutski plays The Anger Solution Board Game with 2nd through 4th graders who are identified as needing anger management strategies!
Miss Rutski also shows students different ways to deal with anger by trying together some of the idea listed above.
Miss Rutski makes an "Anger Cube", which look like a big dice. When a student is angry, they can roll their "Anger Cube" and try whatever lands on top :)

Ways to Help Anger

KidsHealth - Taking Charge of Anger

Remember: The guidance office is a great place to vent, talk, or just take a break!