When I get a referral from a teacher or other school personnel that a child MAY benefit from my help, I look at many aspects:

A lot of factors go into a student referral simply because every child is different and every situation is unique. If a teacher or parent is wondering if a referral is necessary, I encourage collaborating with me for the benefit of the child. A referral does not automatically mean I will be seeing or talking to a student on a weekly basis (also known as "individual counseling"). Sometimes students don't even realize they were brought to my attention from another source because I try and be available to all. I also encourage parents to call if you have questions about if I can help your child or if I can help another member of the school help your child. My job is all about working together for the student - working with all other resources in school, parents, and possibly outside resources as well.

Examples of when guidance services may be beneficial:
  • Help children learn how to study
  • Help children adjust to school
  • Help children learn how to get along with others
  • Help children who need help with organizational skills
  • Help children cope when something or someone they love dies
  • Help children with parents going through a divorce
  • Help students who have a hard time focusing
    • And these are only a FEW examples...
Sometimes students feel better just knowing there is always someone at school they know they can feel comfortable talking to. My goal is to help the student succeed in class and in school, and be able to get through the rest of their day - even if school isn't the only thing on their mind.